Beyond the Technological Revolution

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BTTR WP2018-1: A Smart Green ‘European Way of Life’: the Path for Growth, Jobs and Wellbeing

Our latest working paper focuses on a key source of demand-pull that has led to Golden Ages in previous revolutions: a paradigmatic shift in society’s image and practice of the ‘good life’. These changes in lifestyle, underpinned by the new technologies and fostered by government policy, have, in each case, led to investment, employment and innovation, counterbalancing the inevitable deskilling and job reduction brought by the ‘creative destruction’ processes of each revolution. In the working paper, we look at why this is the case; examine the lifestyle shifts that have occurred in previous technological revolutions; and analyse the interplay between markets and policy-making in each shift. The paper was written to appear as a chapter in Europe 2050: Rethinking Europe (forthcoming), a publication created by the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development, which will be released as part of Austria’s assumption of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in July 2018.

Carlota Perez

Carlota Perez

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    Enjoyed the paper and it’s helpful for a book I’m writing. Two points. I suggest you may have under played the role of rational planning in the American post war boom; and thus the impact of its rejection by left leaning libertarians as well as neo liberals in the late 1970s. Milton Friedman and Jane Jacobs are odd bedfellows, but both had Robert Strange McNamara in their sights. Second, seems to me that we are witnessing the coming of centripetal society, where many key trends are the obverse of suburbanisation, in transport modal shift, cultural bias and city centre living. These have been driven by higher education and shifts in the labour market – and could be accelerated by machine intelligence.

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